A Woman Finds an “Injured Dog,” but Is Shocked To Learn From the Doctor That He Isn’t Even a Dog

Andrea Athie was traveling down a deserted road when she came across a wounded “homeless dog” screaming for assistance.
Andrea pulled over to save the frail dog, but when she saw that the poor creature had a broken leg, she was heartbroken. Andrea realized the dog might have been run over and rushed him to the nearest veterinary clinic for help.

As they made their way to the clinic, the grateful “dog” cuddled up to his rescuer and lavished her with kisses. When Andrea arrived at the clinic, she was shocked to discover that the puppy wasn’t even a dog! Andrea learned from the vet that the timid, obedient baby was really a wild coyote!

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The coyote was in terrible form, and his inside wounds were causing his health to deteriorate. To get the sick coyote the attention it needed, the vet clinic got in touch with a wildlife rehabilitator. Sadly, despite his best efforts, the coyote died from his wounds after spending five days in the wildlife hospital.

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Andrea is utterly heartbroken and is plagued by visions of the tender car journey with the adoring coyote. The knowledge that our wildlife never receives timely medical care absolutely hurts our hearts. Let’s treat our creatures with more compassion and empathy and get them the qualified assistance they require. Spread the word.

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