Unexpected Assistance From a Stranger Changes the Fate of a Homeless Man’s Life.

In 2001, Steve began to live on the street. By 2015, he had collected a cart full of stray dogs that he had taken with him on his travels.

The man set out in 2015 from California for Indiana, where his partner, who also loved animals, lived.

So he got on his bike, fitted a little cart to it, put his 11 dogs inside, and pedaled off.

He got a flat tire while traveling 2,000 miles and had to stop to mend it. It just so happened that 24-year-old Alicia was passing at the moment and saw the man.

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She described what she had witnessed to her father when they were on the phone at the time. They both came to the conclusion after pausing for a moment that, despite being somewhat risky, she simply had to stop and see if she could assist the man.

She actually stopped and walk over to the man. She enquired about his background, and Steve replied that he had been homeless before picking up stray animals and now was riding to Indiana. Alicia was speechless after hearing the man’s story. The fact that he made no requests further made it plain to her that she simply had to assist the man.

She left, and when she came back, she brought supplies and food for the dogs. She also started a fundraising campaign for the man and his puppies on social media.

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In fact, the fundraising enabled the homeless guy and his dog pack to raise $35,000.

Additionally, Kelley Seaton, a resident of Tennessee, offered to drive Steve and his pets to Indiana.

The man was in wonder at his good fortune in finding such love and assistance.

However, Steve’s assistance didn’t end there.

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He and his girlfriend were put in touch with Angela, a person who specializes in assisting homeless individuals with pets, once he arrived in Indiana. From the moment they arrived with her, the lady assisted them.

The dogs got medical examinations and spaying/neutering. However, no thought was ever given to separating them from the man who had been caring for them for the previous 14 years.

Good Samaritans gave Steve a new trailer as a gift to ease his situation and ensure that he and his animal companions would never again be homeless.


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