Five-week-Old Puppy Discovered Abandoned in a Plastic Bag While Crying and Worm-covered

When Bobby was first brought to the veterinarian, his prognosis for survival was uncertain. Bobby was in severe need of his mother nursing him due to his weak back legs.

Bobby’s condition broke the heart of Chris Kelly, the shelter’s manager. In order to give Bobby a decent chance of surviving, he made the decision to supervise his care personally.

Bobby’s health significantly improved after a week.

He has a growing appetite and doesn’t appear much slimmer.

He develops a special bond with every person he meets, according to the shelter!

In a short period of time, Bobby had over 600 requests for adoption thanks to how adorable he was. Chris, who has developed an unbreakable bond with the beautiful youngster, has updated that he will be adopting Bobby himself.

Bobby’s abandonment story, he thinks, will contribute to a greater understanding of animal abuse. I’m happy for you two!

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