Dog Leaves the House Carrying a Carrot for His Big Horse Pal.

So when we came across a video of a dog giving his horse friend a special treat, it only served to support our theory that dogs are truly capable of doing almost anything.

The kind dog not only knows that a carrot is a horse’s preferred treat, but he also makes an effort to get the carrot as close to the horse’s mouth as possible.

When Tina LeVoir-Jones discovered her friend’s dog’s cunning trick, she was visiting a friend’s property. The dog would immediately get to work whenever the horse needed to grab a snack. After Tina posted the video to Facebook, it quickly gathered an impressive 1,000 shares, along with hundreds of likes and comments.

This is fantastic! Keep an eye on things. Tina wrote in the caption of the film, “My buddy has her dog bring a carrot out to her horse.

The dog appears from the home at the start of the video, something in his mouth.

It’s the carrot, and he’s out to complete a crucial task. The astute canine, knowing exactly where he must go, breaks into a run in the direction of the field, passing through the stables and heading outside in the direction of his horse companion.

Most dogs should be terrified of horses, but not this one. It’s obvious that the dog and the horse get along well because neither one of them reacts nervously when the other approaches. In fact, the horse is so composed and cool that as her little pal approaches, she casually rubs her back.

When the dog finally gets to the horse, he patiently waits for her to finish scratching her back before tipping the carrot in her direction, as if to say, “Look what I’ve got for you!”

The dog, whose task is finished, hurries back to his owner in obedience as the horse gratefully accepts her snack and eats it all up. What a smart canine!

Good job, boy! The owner of the smart dog barks at him.

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