While the Other Dogs Played, a Neglected Husky Sat in a Corner, Frozen With Fear

More than 2,000 canines were discovered in a field in Harbin, China, when rescuers from SHS Harbin arrived on the scene. But one canine stood out among the others for a particularly tragic reason.  This dog was sitting frozen in a corner, frightened and alone, while all the other dogs were running and playing with one another. He had extremely filthy, feces-matted fur. He was terrified and undernourished. It was obvious that this poor pet puppy had endured years of neglect.

While the other shelter dogs played, neglected husky sat frozen with fear in corner

The dog was adopted and given the name Harriet. She collapsed onto a volunteer’s lap as soon as she entered the car and, for the first time, felt secure. Harriet was taken to the doctor, who determined that she was roughly eight months old.

While All The Other Dogs Played, The Neglected Husky Sat Frozen With 'Fear' In A Corner

Harriet, who is still a young puppy, has experienced more heartache than a dog should ever have to go through. Thankfully, though, she was placed in trustworthy care and is currently making a full recovery. Fortunately, aside from the obvious diseases, Harriet was in good health. They bathed her first, then scratched her filthy, shaggy coat.

After recovering it was time to find her a forever home because she was a very affectionate and outgoing dog. When Canadian Rosee Vallee came across Harriet’s portrait online, she knew she had to adopt her. Harriet was driven to San Francisco by a volunteer, where she first saw her new mother. Harriet then started a new life in Canada.  With her new family, Bailey has wonderful adventures and adores her new existence.

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