A Woman Carries a Cracked Duck Egg in Her Bra for 35 Days

When Betsy Ross came across a fractured duck egg, she made the decision to rescue. She made a call to a nearby wildlife organization to see if they would take the duck after it was hatched, and they said yes. To keep the cracked egg warm and damp, she placed it in her bra. Betsy also added that she just had to rotate the egg 4-5 times a day.

Then Betsy started looking up information on how to take care of and what to do when a duckling is hatching. After looking, she realized that she needed to stop rotating the egg because at this stage it only required a lot of humidity. She therefore acquired a lot of tape, a bowl of water, gallon-sized baggies, a plastic container, and a lamp in order to construct her own hatching box. Thankfully, the duckling hatched, but because of his extreme weakness, he was unable to stand or move. So Betsy gave him some water to help. Betsy said that she would wake up one day to find him awake. She would therefore allow him to swim in the tub and mud puddles.

She noted that the adorable duckling would follow her voice and nap with her during the day. She then realized she had to get him to a better location.

In order to find a small rescue farm, she got in touch with a rescue connection she knew. The wonderful thing is that he is doing well and has a new human female who loves him. What a wonderful ending!


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