Driver ‘Ambushed’ by the Entire Squad After Stopping To Help a Kitten

A tiny black, white, and grey kitten was lying in the grass by the side of the road when Brantley happened to be driving by and noticed it. As he records on his phone, he stops his truck and pulls over to go over to the kitten and pick it up.

When he posted the video to social media, he said, “The wife has been wanting a cat for the farm; decided I’d stop and save the animal.

At that point, a new kitten appears. And there were more after that.

I can’t believe there’s more! Brantley’s screams could be heard. I can’t fit everyone in!

Approximately six tiny kittens quickly surrounded his feet and began meowing for him to save them.

“We have a kitty issue,” he exclaimed. ” Who would do such a thing?”

Then, when they emerged from the forest at the side of the road, more appeared.

It appeared as though kittens kept popping up in a never-ending stream.

“Wasn’t prepared to take them, but I also couldn’t abandon them for dead. In order to get them healthy and into a nice home, I loaded them up and brought them home,” he added.

However, it wasn’t simple to get them onto that truck. Brantley said that he was unable to care for all of the kittens.

Two cats would jump out of the truck every time he tried to put one inside.

Therefore, he explained, “I had to close the door with the window down and funnel them in.”

All 13 of the kittens were eventually taken in by Brantley and his wife.

In fact, their home is currently set up as a kitten nursery.

So yet, only two kittens have been accepted; the others require further examinations.

Many people have asked Brantley to adopt the kittens. Once they are all in good enough health, they will all be given new homes.

A permanent home will be provided for one of the kittens, according to Brantley. He initially attempted to save this cat before the other 12 arrived.

On ViralHog’s YouTube page, the rescue video has received more than 2 million views.

“I’ve never seen a cuter ambush than this. Severe cuteness attack. He recently took on the role of dad to the kitty group. Love it,” one reader remarked.

“This man is a saint. In the end, he did take them all with him. Another remarked, “I love how the kittens felt secure enough to seek out his assistance.

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