A little Labrador puppy tries to carry a newspaper that is twice as big as she is.

Gracie, a 4-month-old lab puppy, lives with Peter Schulz. He did, however, own her mother and grandmother before Gracie was born. Tiny Gracie is the latest in the Schulz family’s long line of devoted labs.

Her mother and grandmother would grab the daily newspaper and deliver it to Schultz. Gracie is now in charge of getting the paper, but there is a minor issue.

The Sunday newspaper is twice as big as little Gracie. The cute puppy is still determined to bring the paper up the long road, though. She doesn’t give up even if the paper hardly fits on her little lips.

Her father advises her to drag the newspaper by the plastic wrapper as she struggles to carry it. Gracie tries, but it simply isn’t the same, so she tries to take up and carry the newspaper once again as a big girl would.

When Gracie finally manages to grab the newspaper, she virtually struts up to the home as if to say, “See, I knew I could do it!” Although she is adorable and quite proud of herself, she is still too little despite her success.

Gracie drops the newspaper as she approaches the house and kicks her butt into the driveway. The cute puppy gave it her all, and her dad still loves her despite the fact that she is too exhausted to go any further.

One day, Gracie will be fetching the newspaper expertly and performing a vast array of other tasks. A gorgeous dog on the inside and out.

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