Bull Had Spent His Entire Life in Prison; Seeing His Release Was a Breathtaking Sight

A bull that has lived almost his whole life in chains is finally set free. The experience is difficult to put into words.

Bull's been imprisoned his whole life – the moment he's set free is  beautiful to behold - Arm Press Media
According to Rolling Stone, “there are laws in every state prohibiting cruelty to domestic pets. But there are almost none that protect farm animals.”  These statements have never been more accurate! However, there are still a lot of good-hearted people who are willing to take any and all measures necessary to save those helpless farm animals.


A group of kind people succeeded in freeing a bull who had spent his entire life in chains. When Bandit discovers he is at last free, he reacts in the most adorable way and jumps for delight. Over 30 million people have watched the video since it was first uploaded by the German YouTube channel, Gut Aiderbichl, years ago.

The bull starts being upset as soon as a sanctuary volunteer enters the stable where Bandit was housed. The bull then began gently licking the man’s hand as they locked eyes. The unhappy animal is about to experience freedom for the first time in a few short seconds. It’s unexpected how he will respond. He just energetically bucks his legs, and you can sense he’s been refreshed.

Now, Bandit is been taken to his new home where he finally gets the chance to live peacefully for the rest of his life.

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