A Man Adopted Over 700 Stray Dogs Because He Couldn’t Tolerate To See Them on the Streets.

The number of stray animals will undoubtedly continue to rise as a result of this daily cycle, and there seems to be no end in sight. Thankfully, there are numerous charitable organizations, private citizens, and other associations that work to improve the miserable living conditions of these street animals.

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Sasa Peji, a man with a golden heart, is one of them.

He made the decision to care for 1100 dogs because he couldn’t bare to see homeless pets on the streets!

His heart hurts inexpressibly when he sees sick and dying dogs on the streets. Sasa unquestionably cares about these animals, who require shelter, food, care, and someone who will look out for them.

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He was fortunate enough to have the money to build his own animal shelter. His land was a good one where his adopted dogs could be themselves and eat, run, and play as they should. He desired for it to serve as their haven.

Sasa Peji unquestionably supports the welfare of animals. He has actually been doing this for more than ten years!

The website for his sanctuary claims that Sasha Pesic has “rescued over 1100 dogs in and around the city of Nis, Serbia, over the past ten years. The bulk of the dogs was saved from horrific situations where they were being mistreated and dying. More than 400 dogs have been joyfully adopted. They are thriving in their new lives, which are brimming with love, security, and joy.

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But funding is needed for Sasa’s worthwhile work.

It costs money to keep a dog’s living environment comfortable, to feed them, and to ensure that no one gets sick. Here, we’re not just referring to 20 or 30 dogs; we’re talking about hundreds of dogs. His website states that he is still caring after a pack of 750 dogs.

Fortunately, Sasa’s mission is to provide all dogs with the best treatment possible through a nonprofit based in the United States called Harmony Fund. The organization also seeks to assist stray animals everywhere in the world.

They stated: “We offer a lifeline to underdog animal rescue teams all across the world” on their official website. Our partners are tiny but highly brave animal rescue groups. They work in regions of the world where the well-being of animals is extremely subpar. Thousands of animals might otherwise lack a source of food, housing, and medical treatment.

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Knowing that there are people like Sasa and nonprofit organizations like the Harmony Fund who are doing everything in their power to save abandoned dogs around the world gives me comfort. It is hoped that more and more individuals will join them in helping to give these wonderful dogs a better future and happier lives.

Watch the video below to witness Sasa’s unmatched devotion to and concern for stray canines.

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