A cancer-battling abandoned puppy finds a loving good home.

Fortunately, Sidewalk and Sid met.

The poor dog was suffering from illness at the time, and Sid’s family decided to take her to sleep. She was identified as having TVT.

Fortunately, Sidewalk can offer assistance with this sort of cancer. In an effort to help Sid, they gladly took her in and paid for her chemotherapy treatments.

They were Sid’s ray of hope.

It seemed as though her former family no longer wanted to keep her, despite Sidewalk’s promise to pay for the treatment. It breaks my heart to think about how simple it was for them to leave the ailing puppy behind.

A total of 12 chemotherapy treatments were given to Sid. She persevered through the challenging treatments with courage and claimed victory.

Sid is now cancer-free finally!

Additionally, she received another significant blessing because she has at last found her everlasting home.

Determining whether someone would want to bring home a dog with a history of cancer at first worried me.

In addition, taking care of a dog requires effort which is increased if the dog has just battled a terrifying illness like cancer.

But everything went well for her.

In the embrace of a family who admires and loves her, her pains have been completely replaced with utter delight. She is now regarded as the young princess of the family.

She is now able to share her life with other dogs, who quickly became her closest companions. After overcoming cancer, she is now allowed unlimited fun.

Sincerely, she deserves the entire world!

Evidently, Sid enjoys receiving kisses and hugs from her furry friends as well as her daddy. She has learned a few tricks so far and is always picking up new ones.

It’s also clear how much better she looks now than she did when Sidewalk initially got her. She now looks extremely healthy and joyful!

All of this is due to Sidewalk.

All of our respect and gratitude should go to Sidewalk for all the wonderful things they do for these animals. Sid received everything a dog could ever want and more.

They made it possible for Sid to overcome her cancer and live in a house where she is cherished beyond all else. Every dog deserves to receive this. What was once a cancer-stricken dog is now a healthy pet that can give and receive affection.

Bravo to Sidewalk and to each and every group that helps our cherished pets.

Watch the video below to see Sid’s new life.

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