He Discovered a Scared Dog That Was Very Sad and Did Not Trust People at All

Kola Kariola is an animal lover who devotes her life to saving and helping animals who are in need. He and his wife are excellent people who love animals. According to doginspiration, he now has a YouTube channel specifically for animal rescue movies.

 He Found A Scared Dog Who Doesn’t Trust People At All And Is Very Sad
Last year, Kariola got the chance to rescue a terrified puppy from the side of the road. He found him and was shocked to see what had happened to the poor dog. He was abandoned and starved for days, until he was reduced to a skeleton.

We think the people who did not help this innocent puppy must have hearts of stone. Happily, though, the good man with the big heart came to his aid, brought the puppy home, and took care of him.

He was afraid of everyone, though, as a result of the terrible things that had happened to him. His anxiety and mistrust of people persisted even after he was taken to a safe place. Kariola made an effort to bathe him in order to clean the dirt and sludge from his body.

The dog was then given a kiss and a hug to help him relax. He started to trust the man more as he started kissing his snout.


The dog was given a wash, food to eat, and a cozy place to sleep. After all, he emerges from his shell and displays his endearing character. He now has a wonderful family that he deserves and a caring home.


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