Elephant Reunites With Cherished Sibling After a Long Separation

These elephants would travel everywhere with their original owners, selling bananas and sugar cane anywhere elephants were permitted to enter.

But on that fateful day, something happened that would ultimately separate these sisters.

Chana ultimately broke her back leg. As a result, Chana received treatment from a team of vets for roughly four to five months from Saengduean Lek Chailert, the founder of the Save the Elephant Foundation in Thailand.

Chana, unfortunately, required some additional care. She was consequently taken to the Elephant Nature Park to recover.

It followed that Chana and Sai Thong would split up.

Years passed with the two sisters apart, yet their relationship remained close. Elephants benefit from having an older sister, claims The Ecologist.

According to Dr. Vérane Berger of the University of Turku, who served as the study’s lead author, “Sibling relationships shape individual lives, particularly in social species, like the elephants, where cooperative behaviors are essential to the development, survival, and reproductive potential of individuals.”

Older sisters significantly influence female calves more than older brothers, according to a study of Asian elephants kept in semi-captivity in Myanmar.

A calf’s chance of long-term survival increases compared to calves without siblings.

However, it was discovered that female calves with older sisters had more excellent long-term survival rates and gave birth to their first offspring two years earlier than those with older brothers.

“We intend to separate the impacts of the mother from the effects of the siblings by gathering additional data on mothers’ body mass at birth. With more information, we will be able to investigate how the environment affects sibling relationships and go into greater depth about how siblings affect particular components of a younger calf’s health, like immunity, muscle function, and hormonal changes, ” Berger stated.

Thankfully, Chana and Sai Thong were able to resume enjoying all the advantages of their sibling connection in the end.

Chana met her sister again after her stay in the Elephant Nature Park.

These two elephants never forgot each other, as evidenced by the reunion. The elephants could make adorable elephant squeaks at one another to express their happiness at reuniting.

Sai Thong and Chana clung tightly and kissed one other on the trunks.
The video received over 160,000 views due to how touching it was.

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