After Horrifying Abuse, Petal the Senior Poodle Returns to Life

The maltreatment of the senior poodle has a group of expert animal rescuers very worried. Petal was discovered by a kind person. When she noticed anything strange, she was driving down the street. The kind Samaritan discovered a starving poodle with its lips taped shut. Someone tied both of her legs together. She informed the local animal management of the problems that had arisen. They intervened to provide them with smart assistance.

Poodle and Canine Rescue President Rebecca Lynch stated: “This wasn’t even just tossing the dog away, this was torture.” She intervened and planned the poodle’s relocation to the east Orlando Animal Hospital. Petal had an infection in both eyes, anemia, malnutrition, and dehydration.
She eats four times a day and is always ravenous  but she needs to be fed gradually over several feedings to avoid being ill. She has gotten better every hour.

Petal has improved significantly since undergoing treatment at the animal hospital. For each step she takes, assistance from veterinary professionals is available. Petal is attempting to move her own legs by drawing on her own energy. She makes every effort possible.

She sadly lacks the strength to be adopted. However, the staff of the poodle and dog rescue implores each adopter to follow along with her adventure.
Petal was an abused and neglected dog. She is now an elderly poodle and more cheerful than ever.

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