The Dog Known as “Madame Eyebrows” Always Appears To Be in a Bad Mood.

The internet sensation Grumpy Cat is well-known among lovers of furry creatures with sad expressions. Madam Eyebrows, the dog who always appears in a bad mood, might be the nearest thing to the human version.

English Bulldog Madam Eyebrows resides in Germany. She has black spots right above her eyes that resemble slightly thick eyebrows.

Madam Eyebrows has created a kind of a “resting bad mood face,” resulting in her becoming somewhat of an internet star in her own right.

Janina, the bulldog’s owner, claims that the term Madam Eyebrow was derived from the markings over the dog’s eyes.

According to Janina, she had eyebrows and a continuously depressed expression.

Madam Eyebrows might not be unhappy, but she seems that way!

Madam Eyebrows is truly very pleasant and cheerful.

The owners of Madam Eyebrows claim that the dog is amiable, respectful, and joyful. She is friendly and lively. She just doesn’t appear to be who she claims to be, which can be rather amusing.

130K people follow the imagery dog’s Instagram account because they enjoy following her activities.

Additionally, her owners enjoy dressing her up in tiny, frilly outfits that frequently stand in stark contrast to Madam’s facial emotions.

Janina continued, “She is delighted.” She delivers kisses and wags her tail.

When you play with Madam Eyebrows, she reveals her true self.

But when people play with Madam Eyebrows, she often reveals her true self. After a while, it becomes difficult to distinguish between her joyful attitude and her initially melancholy appearance.

In reality, you simply need to spend a short while with her to see that she is happy.

She mentioned that her husband shares this opinion. “We don’t only see her sad face. We can see her humor. And the amount of affection she shows us.

This sad-looking puppy is all the rage right now. She was featured in a YouTube video that has nearly 600,000 views. Many others who watched the video were prompted to make their comments.

One observer commented, “This is a face that permanently says, “I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.”

Stunning! She is adorable when that is coupled with her lovely eyes.


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