Every Day, the Puppy Brings a New Toy to His Best Friend the Turtle.

Some puppies are lucky beyond belief when they find their ideal permanent home. But this Chiweenie mix is a real winner!

He not only had direct access to a large backyard, but he also had a new friend waiting for him when he got there.

What more could a fun-loving guy want? Well, how about a little secret kiss? His life should be complete after that, right?

When you’re a puppy, you always want more of the same and want nothing less than the best. And the best for Skippy is sharing all of his wealth.

This little dog made it his duty to bring his friend a brand-new toy every day, whether it was a stick, a plushie, or something squeaked.

Even so, it wasn’t sufficient for him. There was an omission. Could it possibly be head rubies?

Yes, Tilly G does get a head pet from this puppy’s tiny little paw!

Mom needs to remind him of “Soft head rubies” when he becomes overexcited.

Skippy was a lively 9-week-old with a lot of energy when Karen Sisneros brought him home. She was first unsure of the pup’s reaction to the giant tortoise, but she needn’t have worried.

Skip greeted Tilly G. after putting on his big boy pants. d Considering that’s how those West Coast canines behave!

And it appears that both parties felt the same way. The enormous turtle started following Skippy around the yard even though he didn’t have to.

They were behaving like longtime friends who were well acquainted!

Karen stated that she believes Skippy is expressing his affection for her. Given how much time and effort the two devoted to one another each day, the statement “I love you, and I’m pleased to see you” seems to be completely accurate.

Every time Skippy encounters Tilly G., it’s like running into a long-lost relative you haven’t seen in a while, Skippy says.

The two are “completely bonded and inseparable,” Karen continued.

Even though they appear to have two opposing energies—one is the absolute unit of a spark plug, and the other is happy to live life slowly.

Since tortoises live very long lives, their developing friendship should only get more enjoyable and exciting over time.

The only issue Karen needs to solve is how to satisfy Skippy’s insatiable desire for toys.


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