An Unhappy Dog Waits on the Porch for Weeks After His Family Left After Moving Away

This adorable dog, named Cupid, experienced heartbreak when his owners decided to move and left him behind.
The Cupids family packed up their belongings one terrible day and went without giving their adorable dog a second thought.
They left, willfully oblivious to Cupid’s anguish and sorrow.

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Cupid watched his family depart, but he would not accept that they had left him. He was confident that the people he loved most in the world would return to get him. How could they fail to?
So he patiently waited while lying down on the porch.
Weeks passed by during which Cupid slept on the porch and futilely rapped on the front door. He searched through the trash for food.
Eventually, neighbors called Janine Guido of Speranza Animal Rescue and informed her that a dog had been abandoned by his family and had been sleeping on his former porch ever since.

Heartbroken Dog Waits on Porch After Family Moved Away–Until a Stranger  Wins His Heart

Guido arrived to visit Cupid after setting out to bring him to safety.  Guido tried to approach Cupid, but Cupid resisted because he was afraid. She gave him some food, but he wouldn’t put her faith in her.
That is, until Guido assured him that everything would turn out well. After assuring Cupid that everything would be fine, he allowed her to put a leash on him, stating, “It sounds ridiculous, but I swear he knew what I was saying to him.”

Dog Waited Outside Empty Home For Weeks After Family Moved Away And Left Him  | 12 Tomatoes

Cupid is still adjusting to his new situation. Despite his continued confusion and hurt over the death of his family, he is valiantly beginning his new life with a bright outlook.

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