A 16-Foot, 300-Pound Python Snake Is Discovered on a Family’s Property, and When They Open It Up, They Become Even More Frightened.

Aaron Brown had to take a second look when he saw the enormous snake while driving through his family’s property in Zolfo Springs.

It was a Burmese python, an invasive species more frequently spotted in the Everglades farther south.

Aaron recalls trying to convince his mother to go wrestle the beast in an interview with local news source FOX 13 News, but she wasn’t having any of it.

My mother was with me when I drove past it, and she told me, “Well, get out and get it. ” I said, “You get out and get it. You won’t be able to aid me if that clown finds me.

However, William “Bobby” Wilkinson, Aaron’s cousin, was excited to go out there and “capture that rascal.”

He has snake wrangling on his bucket list.

“I stated I’d never seen one this huge, and I never believed I’d get the chance to mess with one this enormous in my life. One of my bucket list items was to do this.

Hunter and William immediately hurried over to the property and cornered the snake in a ditch.

The poor animal put up a good fight to the end since it had nowhere else to go.

William recalled, “We were trying to pull him back and back, but he got back on us. “Once we had him out, I thought, ‘My God! Such a snake!

But how huge exactly was it?

The metric system is widely used around the globe. The imperial system is still maintained in the US. Reddit measures distances in bananas. Young children also serve as the standard unit of measurement in some isolated areas of Florida.

“We measured, set him down, and placed the two children next to him,” said William.

t weighted 300 pounds and measured more than 16 feet, 4 inches long. A lot of expensive snakeskin cowboy boots there!

Dusty Crum, the Python Wildman, who you may have seen on “Guardians of the Glade” on the Discovery Channel, is the equivalent of Australia’s The Crocodile Hunter here in the United States.

Dusty explained, “We are working in the Everglades to stop these pythons from moving further north.

The man started having the snake skinned after the Brown family requested his assistance. There were 100 eggs there.

“I’m hoping this snake is a rogue one and hasn’t traveled up here. By taking out a large breeding snake like that, these guys prevented an invasion”, said Dusty.






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