As a Baby Bear in Trouble Grabs the Boat With Its Paws and Bites Down, the Men Stand Unmoving

When two weird forms were discovered in the sea during a routine fishing excursion by two men, it turned into a true ordeal. They approached the two figures and saw that they were actually two bears swimming. The water was below freezing. Their initial thought was to save the young bears. They had to check to be sure they weren’t in danger. Mother bears are particularly protective of their young, and the cubs had a mother.

Drowning bear cubs get helping hand from Russian fishermen | Men's Journal

In the water, the two men looked for the mother. When they got close to the infants, they discovered nothing. Nowhere could they find the mother. One huge bear was then spotted by one of the men on the shore, watching the cubs out of the corner of his eye.

The Incredible Story Of A Mama Bear Forced To Leave Her Cubs To Drown –  Herald Weekly
The fisherman remained undecided. Although they were enticed, they were aware of the dangers of trying to save the kids. Despite the danger, the guys made the decision to risk everything to save the kids, so they swam over in their boat.

Black Bear Swimming | Eric Kilby | Flickr


One of the cubs then approached the boat very closely and propelled itself over the side with both paws. It attempted to pull itself up by holding onto the boat with its lips. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t stop himself from falling backwards into the sea.
The two guys knew they had to assist him alone, but they were concerned the cub would object and bite them. They had to eventually land and reunite the cubs with their mother. Large-scale work was involved.

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