Abused Pony Hugging Man Who Saved Him at the Last Second Before Being Sold off for Meat Trade

According to ilovemydogsomuch, Natasha and Kirk Hance from Texas moved to a tiny farm in Fort Worth because they wanted to provide their five children and their rescue horses an area where they could play and develop. But they had no idea that their family would eventually grow to include more horses.

Emaciated and wounded pony found abandoned on busy road - Everything Horse


The couple stumbled across a terrible horse auction that was going on there. The majority of the customers came from butcher shops. The reason for this was the significant demand for horse meat in nations like China, Germany, and Switzerland. Just before they were taken to the slaughterhouse, Kirk managed to save two miniature horses.

Rescued Mini Horse Hugs The Man Who Saved Him From Slaughter.

One of the rescued ponies, Tobias, displayed symptoms of severe maltreatment and neglect. He spent the entire day lowering his head and gazing at the ground. He resisted family members’ attempts to pet or touch him. Kirk started to worry a lot about the horse’s extreme sadness.

Rescued Mini Horse Hugs The Man Who Saved Him From Slaughter.

Tobias only realized he had been saved and that the love he had received was limitless 48 hours later. He was relieved and happy when he at last acknowledged Kirk as his father. You’ll cry seeing this video of Tobias hugging his new father.

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