These Dogs, Once Left Alone, Now Travel by Their Very Own Train

Twenty years after retiring, Eugene Bostick started rescuing abandoned pets as a new hobby. He wanted to give these unwanted pups something extra special, so he did, because saving them was insufficient.
Eugene Bostick resides in a rural area where, regrettably, many people euthanize their unwanted pets. He was heartbroken to see so many dogs left behind and made the decision to take action.

80-year-old man builds a 'dog train' to take homeless pets on adventures |  CBC News

Mr. Bostick adopted his first rescue dog twenty years after he had retired. He could no longer bear to watch the poor canines struggle as they searched for their abandonedors. So he started doing all he could to assist as many people as possible.

In addition to providing them with food and water, he also showered them with affection. In an effort to mend their wounded hearts, he lavished them with love and attention. He essentially showed them that he cared.

Watch Good Dogs Take a Ride on Their Own Custom Train

He has plenty of space because of his farm’s twelve acres of land. In addition, he owns goats, rabbits, geese, ducks, geese, tortoises, and birds. Of course, there are also a lot of stray dogs that now reside on the property.

This Fort Worth train has gone to the dogs | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Eugene made the dogs a train out of his desire to do something special for them. Each “vehicle” is a miniature blue barrel with a seat and a harness attachment point to keep the puppies safe. A John Deere is used to pull the train.

The dogs board the vehicle, and then they depart towards neighboring land. These dogs are fortunate to have such a nice and enjoyable person caring for them after going from being dumped to being passengers on their very own train.

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