On Journey to the Slaughterhouse, a Pregnant Cow Jumps off the Truck in an Attempt To Save the Unborn Child.

The cow, Brianna, was highly pregnant when she was loaded into a truck with the other cows for the trip to the slaughterhouse.
She literally took a leap of faith and leapt off of the moving truck in the middle of the bustling motorway since she knew that the slaughterhouse would spell “game over” for her and her child.

 Pregnant cow desperate to save baby, jumps off truck on way to slaughterhouse
In search of assistance, Brianna staggers through the traffic. She is terrified by the light and the noise when the cops approach her, and she is unwilling to cooperate. Later, some hunting animals and a run to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary Rescue.


Nobody knew Brianna was pregnant at first. When the sanctuary’s veterinarian learned about it, he became concerned for the infant’s wellbeing. Due to Brianna’s extensive injuries  problems during labor are quite possible.

A healthy female calf named Winter was born to Brianna two days after her rescue, much to the relief of the veterinarian. The sanctuary refers to Winter’s birth as a miracle. He guarantees that she and her mother will always be together.

We are in awe of Brianna’s tremendous maternal spirit her. He will to defend her child in the face of any opposition. We hope they live long and prosper!

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