Mama gorilla shows her baby and kisses her on the forehead.

You can see the gorilla cuddling her baby, kissing its forehead, then scooping it up.

Someone can be heard saying, “Oh my gosh! Was that a kiss she just gave it? Another woman compliments the gorilla on his thoughtful and entertaining action and says, “Thank you for showing us!”

The guests were astonished and captivated by the mother gorilla’s passion for her adorable baby.

She is a very proud mother.

But the comment section brought up the issue of these animals being kept in captivity. We disagree that wild animals should be kept in captivity, even though doing so is sometimes justified, such as when endangered species are involved.

This video shows the birth of a Western Lowland Gorilla, which is a pleasing event for the entire planet. Due to the gorilla’s status as a critically endangered species, its birth is particularly noteworthy.

This birth success is significant.

Calgary Zoo’s wild gorilla population has decreased by 80% during the last 30 years. Habitats are being destroyed, and animals are being poached more frequently because the highly sought-after mineral coltan is required to make mobile phones.

There were various points of view.

The idea that these animals are housed in zoos fascinated and saddened the crowd. Animals should be left in the wild, according to a user. A different respondent argued in opposition, stating that zoos offer safer habitats for wild and endangered animals.

If these species were left in the wild, poachers would harm them. Zoos are dedicated to science, conservation, and breeding programs to save endangered animals.

Zoos work to stop extinction.


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