A dog comforts a koala who is in distress near a water bowl.

Animals frequently have buddies of their own that they adore interacting with. And let’s be honest: watching animals interact makes our hearts melt.

When animals look out for one another when they are in need, it is even more lovely. That’s precisely what happened when a dog and a koala were involved in a wildfire in Australia.


When temperatures rise, many people have heard stories of thirsty koalas sneaking into their neighbors’ backyards to get some water.

Rusty, the dog, owned by Riley and Olivia Stone, has a friend named Quasi. Quasi’s unique characteristic is that he is a koala. But as you’ll see, neither Quasi nor Rusty seem to mind.


They have known each other for a while. Quasi descends to the man Kevin’s backyard to visit hum. One day, Danielle Stone, a relative of Riley and Olivia Stone, made the decision to record their fleeting yet endearing exchange on camera.

Robert Frost, a neighbor, made the decision to post the video on his Facebook page. It has since gone viral. More than 220,000 people have shared it, and it presently has over 7 million views.

Despite the fact that the movie is only 16 seconds long, the response it has received shows just how big it actually is.

Quasi is seen in the video chugging water from a sizable pot. Rusty soon makes an appearance and joins in the licking. But he stops and turns to face Quasi, who also pauses and turns to face Rusty.

When they contact noses, it is a touching moment. The koala is licked by Rusty before their noses even make contact.

Though only fleeting, the moment is quite potent. Who knows what unique abilities animals possess. Rusty might have sensed that Quasi was struggling and was trying to reassure him.

We’re delighted that happened for whatever reason because it just goes to show that friendship ha no boundaries.

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