Before She Found a Dog “Exactly Like Her,” a Two-legged Puppy Was Lonely.

One of IHOP’s adoptive parents’ favorite qualities is that she was born without two legs. It is true, however, that her biological parents were considering putting her to death.

When asked to take in IHOP, who was likewise born as the runt of her litter, Duke and Steph didn’t think twice.

“We could see IHOP had a big personality right away. IHOP’s mother, Steph, told The Dodo, “From the minute she played with the first small toy, she was up on her hind legs throwing it around.

Two-legged puppy was very lonely until she met a dog who was exactly just  like her

IHOP is a mouthy and feisty doggo, which gives her a vivid personality.

IHOP was doing well in her new foster home, but she was still learning to walk around on two legs.

Steph and Duke concluded that IHOP would do better with a pet dog who might teach her how to walk.

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Millie was introduced to IHOP, but there was no chemistry between them. IHOP was also aware of her “little separateness” from other dogs because of their friendship.

So, that wasn’t quite a success. But later, IHOP and Waffles met.
A Great Dane named Waffles was saved when he was only ten weeks old. She had an irreversible spinal injury that cost her the use of her legs. She also has two distinct eye colors.

We rushed her to the emergency vet, who advised us to take her home and give her a whole night’s rest before bringing her back in to cross the bridge.

Two-legged puppy was lonely until she met a dog who was 'just like her'

According to Steph and Duke’s Instagram page, The Powerful Rescue, “they felt she had no quality of life to look forward to and caring for a paraplegic Great Dane was just not feasible.

Steph and Duke would look after waffles until she lost her quality of life.

“Then Waffles and IHOP met. The moment the two met, we saw Waffles move her legs for the first time. Once we realized it, the match was on!
Even though Waffles is significantly bigger than IHOP, they became fast friends when they first met.

It appeared as though IHOP had hugged Waffles, Steph said. It seemed as though they were old buddies.

Waffles and IHOP understood that they were “in the same boat” or “a little different but special.” IHOP, according to Steph, is to blame for Waffles’ mobility.

When Waffles first tried out her wheelchair, she was afraid, but as soon as IHOP joined her outside, she began to ride the wheelchair correctly and chase after her friend.

Many individuals wanted to adopt IHOP, but Steph and Duke knew they couldn’t separate the woman from Waffles.

The couple claims that there is no doubt that the quality of life at both IHOP and Waffles has improved as a result of their relationship and mutual encouragement.

The quality of life for the couple has also improved.

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