Before Passing Away the Next Day, Cowboy Fulfilled His Last Wish To See His Horse One Last Time.

A touching reunion happened on a farm in Wichita, Kansas. Vic, Kevin Adkins’ favorite horse, hadn’t been seen in a long, so he wanted to make sure he saw him this time.

After all, they can’t predict when they will next cross paths. Particularly given that Vic cannot follow the cowboy to the vast green horizon.

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A video of the reunion was uploaded online. The footage brought Adkins into the driveway, and an ambulance was waiting by the roadside. Adkins was strapped with several pieces of equipment while reclining on a gurney. The Kansas cowboy, 55, has battled cancer for three years.

And throughout those three years, he hasn’t lost sight of his friend. Vic, a horse he cared very carefully for nearly two decades, is waiting by the ranch.

Adkins had a life-threatening illness, and one of his last wishes was to visit Vic.

Jennifer Wadley, a family friend and the proprietor of D&J Ranch, has nothing but positive things to say about their relationship.

Wadley said that “they’ve been companions for all these years.” He was always present, regardless of the weather. It may be pouring rain, snowing, or unbearably scorching.

The friends and relatives of Adkin helped to make the reunion happen.

As his daughter led Vic to the gurney, their friendship was apparent.

Even though Adkins’ health may fail, you can still feel his enthusiasm leap when he spots the horse. He welcomed Vic, likely expressing his final goodbyes to an old buddy.

Adkins lost the days he could have spent with Vic when he was taken to the hospital. After understanding that he wouldn’t have much more time, he requested to see Vic one last time.

A day later, Adkins passed away.

It was nice to have Adkins around the ranch, according to his pals at the D&J Ranch.

Megan Hoover-Wadley, a family friend, stated, “He would be out here every day, and he would always look for you so that no matter where you were, he was looking for you so he could wave and smile.”

We all adored him very much, and we will miss him terribly. According to a Facebook post by D&J Ranch. “We saw his face virtually every day, and he always had a smile. Even though he was in immense pain because of his disease, in the end, he hardly ever missed a day riding Vic.

They continued to spend time together after that.

Vic served as an honorary pallbearer during Adkin’s funeral, allowing longtime friends to bid one other farewell. Seeing their relationship was an emotionally satisfying experience for their friends and family.

Wadley told the news source, “It was a love story between a guy and his horse.”

Kevin B. Adkins Cowboy Relief Fund was established by Adkin’s friends and family to commemorate his life and honor his memory. Other families in their neighborhoods will benefit from the fund.

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