Puppy Is Sad, Covered With Fleas, Curled up on the Road, and Too Weak To Continue

A small dog was abandoned in the middle of the street. No one stopped to look at him as they passed. There are frequently stray dogs.  His wretched body was wracked with so many fleas that it was disintegrating. Help was required for this dog right away!

Broken-Hearted" Pup Eaten By Fleas Curled Up On Road, Too Weak To Keep  Going - Daily News 2022

After learning about the dog, a woman who works at a nearby animal shelter hurried there. When she gently took him up, she found that he was covered in thousands of fleas. He also possessed Demodex. It was imperative to get him to the veterinarian right away.

He was promptly placed on the examination table and treated by the veterinarian and the woman who had rescued the puppy. They had to assess his anemia levels. Additionally, they had to begin administering daily medicinal baths and antibiotics to his closet.

Broken-Hearted" Pup Eaten By Fleas Curled Up On Road, Too Weak To Keep  Going - Local Cincinnati News

The woman who had saved the puppy made the puppy feel more secure. She promised to locate the ideal residence for him. She asked a friend who would look after her to adopt the puppy, and the friend agreed. He could go right to his new mother after receiving the required medical attention.

The courageous little man adored his brand-new house. He was no longer starving and shivering in the streets. Everything his tiny heart could have wanted was his. The puppy’s growth was still gorgeous. Forget about the chilly cement, little one!
After a year, the puppy is no longer so tiny but is still quite content. He is doing so well. Now his little broken heart is complete once more.

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