A Distressed Woman Discovers a Sick Dog Inside a Trash Bag and Cries

A Glasgow, Kentucky woman was walking her dog when she came across a mound of trash along the side of the road. She initially believed it to be a young deer. But as she drew nearer, she noticed a dog with bleeding fur laying next to a trash bag.
Karen Smith Clark claimed that until they got closer, she and her husband had no idea the dog was unwell. The couple’s dog, Scooter, was upset by what they saw, which was distressing to say the least: “The poor dog looked like he had been thrown out of a car window into a garbage bag,” she wrote on Facebook.

To obtain food, water, and gloves, we sprinted back home. The dog seemed skeptical when we got back, but he wasn’t at all violent toward me; all he wanted was water. Our dog was so terrified that she was sobbing and wailing.
The dog was transferred to the Barren River Animal Welfare Association (BRAWA) for a vet checkup after Clark alerted the local authorities after the dog drank some water. The dog was now known as “Arthur Buddy,” according to Connie Greer, the shelter’s director, who reported this the following morning.

He was terribly ill, but he was reacting nicely. Arthur is up this morning, eating and waving his tail. Dr. Thomas gave him a cursory examination. He is wasted annually, has mange, hair loss, and a horrible fungal illness.

She continued, “The puppy needs a lot of love and rest. As a tiny animal sanctuary, BRAWA requests that people refrain from calling at this time. Instead, they urge that they check their Facebook page for updates. He appears to be quite happy and confident that he has been located and will be cared for.


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