A Man Grabs His Camera as a Pride of Male Lions Approaches His Car.

Լions have a strict, no-tolerance attitude for ridiculousness and appear serious about what they do.

According to National Geographic, lions are regarded as representations of bravery and power.

Over five miles away, you can hear their roars.

Watching MoMedia’s YouTube video will show you how threatening they appear.

They appear predominantly male due to their manes, and approximately a dozen are in the video.

They are seen walking toward a car while occupying the whole road.

Males mark their territory with their urine to keep other males away from their pride. They’ll also roar their well-known roars to frighten other people.

The fact that there were just men in MoMedia’s video, which received more than 3 million views, astonished some people.

“It was strange to see so many males gathered in one pride. Unless it was the morning after a boys’ night out, there must be great pride,” a YouTube user remarked.

“I just can’t get over how magnificent and distinctive each of them is in their special way. They genuinely have unique facial expressions. And they might be connected. They may be fathers, sons, cousins, nephews, etc., but some are quite young, and some have age,” another person said.

This group can be a so-called “coalition.”

Additionally, the gathering in MoMedia’s video unmistakably has a coalition-like vibe. Some male lions will never join a pride or mate․

“I didn’t see a single woman throughout the pride. That scares me. At least none of them appeared hostile, just interested,” the YouTube user claimed.


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