When a woman feeds a blind raccoon, he hits the records and brings his two tiny “bodyguards.” 

A raccoon has been in the loving care of Eryn for more than five years. The partially blind animal arrived at her Illinois home. Since that time, the genuine animal lover has been giving him food on her doorstep each day. However, Eryn soon realized that he wasn’t alone, as two unusually close buddies were standing next to him as the raccoon prepared to eat his breakfast. Two kitties that appeared to be defending him were there. Eryn spotted them and instantly grabbed her camera to begin recording. And what a lovely video she got of the raccoon with all of his friends.

Woman Feeds Blind Raccoon And Films His Return With A Bodyguard

The raccoon and his companions shared their morning meal ever after. The black kittens brought him back to the wild after they had done eating. However, one day the cats appeared but not the raccoon. The cute creature passed away. It outlasted the raccoon’s typical life span of one to three years by at least five years.

A Woman Gives Food to A Blind Raccoon. Then, Hits 'Record' when He Brings  His 2 Bodyguards. – Madly Odd!
Now that the raccoon has disappeared, Eryn is unable to leave her friends alone. She made the decision to adopt the stray cats and integrate them into her family as a result. Even the other cat in the house got along with them.

Two kittens rescued by blind raccoon repay the favor by becoming his  bodyguards

The blind raccoon was able to live a long and contented life thanks to Eryn’s care and the assistance of her bodyguard kittens.

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