Say hello to the Black Throated Bushtit with the stunning bandit’s mask encircling its eyes.

The strange-looking birds weigh between 4 and 9 grams and are only up to 4 inches long. Because of their small size, people seldom ever notice them. They are circling in flocks of 40 birds each.

Fruits, seeds, and spiders are all included in the diet.

The black-throated bushtits can be found in India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, and other nations, starting in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The black dots on these birds, however, are separated from the white and orange coloration, giving them the appearance of a real bandit’s mask. This is what I find most amusing about them.

Chen Chengguang, a wildlife photographer from Taiwan who specialized in bird photography, captured these stunning images.

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