Before Passing Away the Following Day, Cowboy Fulfilled His Last Wish to See His Horse One Last Time.

Adkins was brought into the driveway in the footage, and an ambulance was waiting by the roadside. Adkins was strapped with several pieces of monitoring equipment while he was lying on a gurney. The Kansas cowboy, 55, has fought cancer for three years.

And throughout those three years, he hasn’t lost sight of his friend. Vic, a horse he cared very meticulously for nearly two decades, is waiting by the ranch.

Adkins had a fatal illness and one of his dying wishes was to visit Vic. Jennifer Wadley, a family friend and the proprietor of D&J Ranch, has nothing but positive things to say about their relationship.

Wadley told KAKE that “they’ve been companions for all these years.” He was always present, regardless of the weather. It may be pouring rain, snowing, or extremely hot.

The friends and relatives of Adkin helped to make the reunion happen. As his daughter led Vic to the gurney, their friendship was extremely clear.

Even though Adkins’ health may be worsening, you can still watch his enthusiasm rise the instant he spotted the horse. He gave Vic a little stroke of welcome, likely expressing his final goodbyes to an old buddy.

Adkins lost the days he could spend with Vic when he went to the hospital. He requested to see Vic one final time after understanding that he wasn’t going to have much more time.

A day later, Adkins passed away.

How nice it was to have Adkins around the property, according to his friends at the D&J Ranch.

Megan Hoover-Wadley, a family friend, stated, “He would be out here every day, and he would always look for you so that no matter where you were he was looking for you so he could wave and grin.”

“We adored him, and we will deeply miss him.” Posted on Facebook, D&J Ranch said. “We saw his face almost every day, and he always had a smile on his face. Even though he was in horrific pain because of his disease in the end, he hardly ever missed a day riding Vic.

They continued to spend time together after that.  At Adkin’s funeral, Vic served as an honorary pallbearer as a means for longtime friends to bid the man farewell. Seeing their relationship was such an emotional and moving experience for their friends and family.


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