Elephants Rush To Embrace the Angel That Raised Them After They Lost Their Parents to the Ivory Trade

Illegal poaching is a serious problem for our declining animal populations. A well-known animal activist named Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick devotes her life to caring for baby elephants who have been abandoned by ruthless poachers. They  kill adult elephants for their tusks.

Daphne Shedrick Wildlife Trust – Travel Associates Ltd

Daphne has been taking care of orphaned elephants since 1977. Young elephants have a very tough time surviving without their mothers at first. But throughout the years, Daphne has succeeded in creating a unique diet and milk formula. It provides the elephants with the nourishment they require for typical development, according to her hard study.

Kenya elephant conservationist Daphne Sheldrick dies, aged 83 - BBC News

For each elephant Daphne breeds, she serves as a mother figure. Elephants have a deep feeling of family. So whenever they see their foster mother, they immediately run to give her a hug. Later, Daphne learned that many rhinos were being killed for their horns. She therefore included rhinos in her crusade.

DAME DAPHNE SHELDRICK — The Environmental Press Agency

When they are mature enough, all of Daphne’s offspring are released into their native habitat. Unfortunately, there is still a thriving market for ivory tusks and other species that are prohibited from being sold. These creatures are at much greater risk because of their appeal on the illegal market. Our voices must be heard in order to put an end to this despicable trade.

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