When a Puppy Dies, a Sad Dog Buries Him, Continuing To Protect Him and Stay Until Everything Is Covered

Nothing is more terrible for a mother than the loss of a child; mothers in the animal kingdom are overprotective, just like human women are. When one of her babies passed away, Bettie the dog had a very painful experience. After spending hours trying to revive him, she gave up and let him go. According to her owner, the unfortunate dog traveled alone to bury the dead puppy.

When the video was published in September 2020, Bettie’s owner, Lenny Rose Ellema, who was four at the time, was shown digging a trench and burying her dead dog, completely encasing her body.

The Diario Sevilla newspaper reported this. Rose from the Philippine province of Pangasinan explained that her four-year-old dog had lost her newborn puppy. Rose’s maternal instincts drove her to want to revive the puppy by taking care of him and even recalled how she had experienced the same thing a year earlier when one of her previous puppies died while giving birth.

She was a special dog, he continued, because her owners had not trained her to do it; rather, it came naturally to her. Bettie was inconsolable as she watched the dog throw soil into the grave of her son, guarding him even in death.

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