After a 360-mile journey, a drone captures some charming footage of elephants sleeping together.

The baby elephants hug in the middle of the older elephants, with all of the elephants huddled close to one another.

The Conversation states that elephants usually sleep for two hours a day.

Every third or fourth day, they will lie down to sleep but usually remain standing while doing so. In the video, this must have been one of those days.

Currently, on the move, drones watch this herd of elephants 24 hours a day.

On their migration excursion, a police escort is even provided. Last year, the 15-elephant herd ran out from a natural preserve in South China.

They are currently internet celebrities, with millions of people watching their escape.

The three newborn elephant calves born during their journey have captured people’s attention in particular.

It appears that the enormous animals are causing more than $1 million worth of damage by trampling through cities and forests.

Authorities have placed pineapple and corn for the elephants to eat in an attempt to attract them away from the cities where they could wreak damage.

The elephants seem to be moving toward the north, but experts aren’t sure why.

Some claim that their movement was brought on by the shrinking rainforest, while others claim they are simply lost. According to biologists, this is a prime illustration of the importance of the conservation of elephant habitat.

According to Animal Reader, numerous elephant habitats and tropical forests have been devastated.

This is for making it profitable for plantations of rubber, bananas, or tea.

Elephants have started sleeping in these areas.

Wildlife biologist Zhang Li, a professor at Beijing Normal University, claims that the only way to stop elephant migration is to safeguard and restore their natural habitats, despite the fact that officials have been monitoring the elephants and attempting to guide them away from towns.

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