Wall-e With All of His Toys and Bed, the Dog Was Sadly Returned to the Shelter

In 2015, Wall-E, a lovely puppy, was adopted for the first time. But after three years with his adopted family, the cute labrador was abandoned at a shelter for animals. The six-year-old boy, who was lost and alone, could only watch as his family dropped him off where they had picked him up all those years earlier.

To settle the dispute, they gave the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCAAC) in Arizona, United States, all of their toys and even their bed. Although the distraught Lab mix was returned to the Arizona shelter without explanation. It is said that its owners sobbed as they bid their pet go.

They allegedly returned the pet because they were unable to continue to provide Wall-E with the proper love and attention. Wall-E was left upset and stressed as they packed up all of his stuff and placed it in two trash bags, including his bed. In a Facebook post, the MCAAC staff defended Wall-previous E’s owners, writing that the character “deserves a permanent family who won’t give up on him.” But don’t criticize his former owners, please. The full picture is unknown to us.

One Family Decides They Can't Take Care Of Their Dog, Drops Him Off At  Shelter With Toys And Bed | Bored Panda

The shelter put a picture of this unfortunate puppy on their website, asking for a new, permanent home. The image soon went over social media. Fortunately, a few months later, a woman who learned about this tale decided to locate Wall-E a loving home. The woman visited the shelter and saw the puppy. She immediately chose to adopt him. Unexpectedly, the two dogs that were brought along by this woman got along well.

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