People are wondering whether this cloud formation is a cat or a dog.

While some people may adore apples, others may choose oranges. While some people choose cats as house pets, others prefer dogs.

It’s just how our beautiful brain functions; each one is unique and beautifully constructed.

However, there will also be times when our minds will be confused.

We wouldn’t be aware of how bewildered we are by something as basic as a picture if it weren’t for the internet.

These misunderstandings even led to online arguments, yet these discussions were no more complicated than picking between colors.

Did you notice that?

Who can forget one of the greatest online controversies from 2015?

Do you still have memories of viewing the outfit, which rose to fame a few years ago?

Is this dress’ hue blue & black or white & gold, in the end?

What did you choose at the time? Did your decision change as you now reflect on it?

Does the way we view things depend on our personal preferences?

It turns out that the answer to this question is unclear.

A fascinating image of a cloud formation went off like a time bomb a few years ago.

It was perhaps the question of whether… it is a CAT or a DOG that set off those pet owners.

This one is difficult.

 This cloud formation has people debating – cat or dog?

Four years ago, Reddit user “jhvk” noticed an attractive fluffy cloud formation and snapped a photo of it without second thoughts.

He uploaded the picture on the internet along with the caption, “This cloud looks like a cat and a dog.”

“It will rain cats and dogs soon,” wrote Reddit user “lemon-army.”

And sure enough, it did not take long for more than a hundred additional Reddit users to comment and express their unique perspectives on the picture.



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