Clumsy Elephant Has the Best Time Splashing around in First Bath

Over 3 million people have watched the video, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

The moment this newborn elephant learns something new, it is incredibly amazing and joyful. Her mother is constantly watching over her to make sure she’s okay.

Baby Chaba may be seen in the video thoroughly enjoying this novel situation.

Chaba repeatedly immerses her tiny face, and you can almost see a smile on her face. Like a human toddler, her small trunk splashes in the water with glee.

Chaba is having a great time, and everyone adores her.

She may not have the most graceful exit from the tub, but she is unquestionably the cutest. Chaba returns to her mother to let her know how much fun she is having.

It’s time for more trunk splashing and unintentional water sprays. This infant is eager about returning to her beautiful tub. One foot over, then the next, and finally a little fall.


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