Black Bear Enjoys a Delicious Pb&J Sandwich during a Family Picnic.

In Deep Creek, Maryland, this family’s picnic experience was unique because it was outside.

When the black bear smelled the peanut butter, he was probably hiding out in the trees and had to move closer to get some.

It appears that the people were aware of this black bear because it was frequently seen roaming the same area.

But up to this point, they had rarely approached the visit.
They spread peanut butter all on a piece of bread so they could offer it to the bear because they knew he wanted some.

They hurriedly prepared him another peanut butter sandwich after the black bear finished it all so rapidly.

Even though this is a humorous video, the five individuals in it are extremely lucky the bear didn’t attack them.

Black bears are less likely to attack people since they are accustomed to them after learning to live in forests close to cities and towns.

However, they are skilled at hiding while searching through trash cans for food.

They even succeed in breaking into homes and emptying the refrigerator before the owners notice them.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, however, did not find this video amusing.

In reality, feeding bears is prohibited.

And there’s a valid explanation.

First of all, we are unsure of the bear’s behavior towards people. They might be friendly, or they might hurt you. Best to avoid it or scare it away.

Second, bears might start adapting to human feeding.

This might be a one-time thing, but what if it returns the next time, expecting nearby residents to feed it?

What happens if they run out of food?

A bear in your camp can cause issues that linger long after you have left. Your safety and the bear’s safety may be at danger if a problem worsens, ” the Maryland Department of Natural Resources said.

They gave this advice:
Avoid bringing peanut butter and instead use canned and dried food to reduce odors. If you see any new indications of bear sightings, move to a different area.

And if you see a bear, frighten it off!

To get it to leave, bang pots and pans or simply yell or scream. Make the decision to leave the area if it still doesn’t move.

The next time you see a black bear while camping or having a picnic, get out of there. Your life is not worth it.

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