A Group of Cyclists Are Stopped by a Thirsty Koala Who Drinks Water From Their Bottles

Anna Heusler and a few others were cycling toward Adelaide when they came across a Koala. He was resting in the middle of the road due to the sweltering heat.

Koala flags down cyclist and sips water from bottle as temperatures soar to  nearly 40C in Adelaide | Daily Mail Online

This kind of meeting is common in that town. But the riders were taken aback by the koala’s response when they realized they were there.  Anna and the group stopped to help the koala. The koala did something they had never seen before.

While I was giving him a sip from each of our water bottles, he actually got on board my bike. He came up to me as I rode by on my bike, moving really swiftly for a koala. Nothing like that has ever been seen before.

Thirsty koala drinks from cyclist's water bottle near Adelaide as heatwave  continues - ABC News

The koala was unharmed by the forest fires, so they assisted him, gave him a drink, and then led him back to the nearby trees.
Despite the fact that this encounter was the outcome of an event, Anna thought it was a happy and fun time and did not hesitate to post her feelings about it on social media.

The thirsty koala, the cyclist, and the Instagram video that went viral -  CyclingTips

He uploaded the images to Instagram and wrote in his piece that they were legends:Koalas experience extreme thirst during heat waves. This koala approached me as I was descending and climbed aboard my bike as I was offering him a drink.
Koalas are currently starving due to a severe lack of food, which Jane said was a serious problem.


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