When a Man Approaches the Lioness He First Saved as a Baby, She Responds With the “Sweetest” Gratitude.

His story surrounds a particular cat he saved, and his name is Valentin Gruener. Despite the fact that some cats are larger than others, this does not make them unstoppable.

When Sirga the lioness was barely a cub, Val saved her. An African lion’s adult weight can reach 400 pounds.

Few other creatures spring to mind when you hear the word “Predator” because they are the dominant predators there. African lions serve as the global representation of large predators.

But despite their size and strength, habitat loss and poaching have put their lives in danger.

They are more fragile than cubs if they are vulnerable as adults. Sirga the lioness is named after Gruener, and without him, she might not have reached adulthood.

The story of Sirga’s meeting with Val is fascinating. Sirga was born in a camp while her parents were being imprisoned there after being kidnapped for feeding on livestock.

When it comes to lion cubs, the concept of an “only child” is essentially nonexistent. There are always at least two puppies in a litter, and Sirga had siblings. But not anymore, as it appears that other lions in that camp have killed her brothers.

The only remaining cub was Sirga, and even her mother refused to feed her. She was ultimately saved by Gruener at that point, and she is still grateful to him.

In general, it’s not a good idea to approach a large carnivore, but Sirga is an exception because of the effect Gruener had on her. Sirga was waiting for Gruener behind a steel gate in a video that features them together.

Gruener enters the enclosure with the same composure a dog owner would use to open the door. He has only a casual hoodie and shorts. It appears like this when a lion has earned your complete trust.

When Gruener opens the gate, Sirga emerges to give him the biggest hug. She is adoring of him like a cat who has been left alone at home all day.

Not only that. Even Sirga is making tender groans that are like a whimper or a purr. You have to admit that you didn’t anticipate witnessing a lion making that sound. Who would anticipate that, really?

In another TikTok video, Sirga even pulls Gruener to the ground with her. Not everyone is able to save a lion cub and make it friendly.






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