Once He Meets the Ideal Mother, the Horse Won’t Allow Anyone To Touch Him.

Rudnik was just nine months old at the time. And he was quite cautious around people. He would escape from people as they came at him by running in the opposite direction.

Horse Wouldn't Let Anyone Touch Him Until He Met The Perfect Mom - Videos -  The Dodo

Everything changed when he met Alesia.

Rudnik had clumps of hair and was underweight when they first met. Alesia, though, treated Rudnik gently. She worked with him every day, patiently waiting for him to believe in her.

Then it took place. Alesia explained, “I was working with him and there came this moment.

It was the first time he had ever allowed me to approach him without attempting to push me away. I simply extended my hand to him, letting him smell me and knowing that I wouldn’t hurt him.

Alesia claimed that it was their first meeting.  Rudnik would then approach Alesia, touch her, and engage in play with her.

Alesia rode Rudnik for the first time while wearing a helmet and going bareback. She did this to help them adjust to each other’s presence and develop a stronger sense of mutual trust.

They could feel their stress releasing from one another as they spent more and more time together.

Rudnik lives on a 20-acre farm with 10 other horses where he is free to roam because Alesia does not have a lot of area for him to live on.

“They are like a family to them. They have their own herd,” Alesia said. He is free to just be as a horse.

Alesia is now able to realize her childhood fantasy of owning a horse.
Rudnik also pointed out that Alesia was free to pursue more dreams.

“I had been in an extremely awful relationship where I basically forgot who I was. I was having a hard time recalling my life’s aspirations, goals, and ideals. Rudnik’s presence only rekindled the flame,” Alesia said.

They actually assisted one another in recovering from their previous wounds.

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