A Dog Wearing a Sign Around His Neck Was Spotted Outside a Store

Steve Moore rescued Jackson, a three-year-old Golden Retriever, from the shelter. Moore stepped forward when Jackson needed a place to live. Jackson was taken in by Moore, who started working with him every day. Moore had him trained to accomplish something AMAZING in just one month! Every person who saw Jackson’s “trick” wanted the dog for themselves. a dog in which no one had expressed any interest just a month before.

Lonely Dog Waits Outside Target With Sign Around His Neck — Then People  Read It.

Jackson was able to work with Moore while becoming acclimated to the sounds and distractions present in the heavy traffic, busy areas where they went. Jackson was made to sit still by him. And after that, he made him sit and remain there for a while. Then, as he was walking away from him, he ordered him to remain seated.

Dog seen outside of store with a sign around his neck - YouTube

Moore kept doing this until Jackson could be left alone for Moore to run some errands inside a business. This was preferable to keeping him in a car where he would overheat because dogs are generally not permitted in stores. Aside from that, Jackson wouldn’t be restrained, allowing him to flee in case of danger.

Lonely Dog Waits Outside Target With Sign Around His Neck — Then People  Read It.

The last step was convincing him to sit and remain while holding a sign around his neck. “Dad said I should wait here. “Waiting here.” Jackson waits patiently for his master to come back despite the noise around him and the people stopping to say “hello” and pet him. What a good boy that is!

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