He Becomes a Huge Celebrity After the Breeder Discards the “Unsellable” Dog

Due to its diminutive size and amiable demeanor, the Pomeranian is one of the tiniest pet dogs in the world. As a result, many people discover that a Pomeranian has lost all of its beauty when it grows a little too large.
Because they all believed Bertram was “too big to be marketed,” Bertram was also rejected by his own breeders.

Unsellable” Dog Dumped By Breeders Becomes Huge Instagram Star - GO Animal
This 5-month-old baby was abandoned at a Tulsa animal shelter, where he rose to fame. He was adored by everyone for his really warm personality and easygoing demeanor. The workers at the shelter wanted to keep this adorable baby with them for as long as they could, but they realized they had to find him a legal owner so they could provide for him.

Unsellable” Dog Dumped By Breeders Becomes Huge Instagram Star - GO Animal

His images were seen by a musician from New York on Petfinder. He fell head over heels for him right away. His eyes, according to Kathy Grayson, were what drew her interest. Although he wasn’t the easiest person to get along with, Kathy made the decision to adopt this attractive man entirely. Distance wasn’t an issue because she was aware that she needed the dog. “Bert” is Kathy’s nickname for him. Sadly, he had a difficult beginning, but that experience altered his life. It’s possible that fate meant it to be that way, so they might both find happiness and fulfillment.

To everyone’s surprise, Bert wasn’t the only person who thought he was gorgeous and wonderfully personable. Numerous Instagram users also fell head over heels for this lovely man.


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