The dog that the fisherman throws a life jacket to save from drowning is actually not a dog

Renato Borella and his tour guide, Neco, were rowing their boat down a sizable river in Mato Grosso.  As the two came closer to the wetlands, they noticed a black tail swerving agitatedly in the river.
Neco swiftly flung a life jacket to save the animal after they quickly concluded that a dog was lost and drowning in the sea.

Renato and Neco observe the creature trying to save itself by clinging to the lifejacket. When the two look at the wet animal’s face, they see that he is actually a local monkey rather than a dog. The men decide to overcome their anxieties and assist the monkey onboard.

Fisherman Throws Life-Jacket To Save Drowning Dog But It's 'Not A Dog At  All'

The men tremble in terror as the strong monkey ascends the boat because they can see his expressionless face. However, the monkey simply gestures in the direction of the nearby land while deftly perching himself on the side of the boat. The men comprehend and point the boat in the direction of the monkey’s intended location.

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The monkey eventually grabs a tree branch and runs off into the jungle as the boat approaches the coast. The monkey was abandoned by his troop, which the men think explains why he was wandering around by himself. They are moved to witness the monkey’s compassionate side and wish him good luck in avoiding problems in the future. For this valiant rescue, Renato and Neco are appreciated.

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