An Adorable 10-Year-old Dog Gives His Life To Save His Owner

At the end of May, Spike, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, gave his life to save the life of his loving human. According to Embark, Spike did not back down when a venomous cobra entered the backyard, and regrettably, the brave dog passed away only thirty minutes later.

Little 10-Year-Old Dog Sacrifices His Own Life To Save His Human - Arm  Press Media

Louise Grobler was on the scene to protect the snake’s owner when it landed on her property. The dog lover was so absorbed in her conversation that she failed to detect the reptile creeping up behind her. Fortunately, Spike pounced on the snake and bit it, instantly killing it.

Unfortunately, a deadly cobra tooth perforated the canine during the procedure, and nothing could be done to save him.

Little 10-Year-Old Dog Sacrifices His Own Life To Save His Human - Arm  Press Media

Spike fought the poisonous snake to save my life, making him a hero in my book. I ran over to my neighbor’s house to get help as soon as I saw what was happening, but when I got there, Spike had already killed the cobra.
Not long after Spike’s passing, the family experienced further tragic occurrences. Prinses, the second family dog, was likewise bitten by a snake and died as a result. The small puppy had been adopted a few months earlier after her original family seemed to have abandoned her.

She was only supposed to live with us for two weeks, but we couldn’t bear to let her go. We brought the four puppies she gave birth to to a dog shelter. My family and I interred the dogs in separate but close-by graves in our front garden the following day.

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