When Donkey Notices His Friend Is Lying Dead, He Cries Aloud and Begs Him To Wake Up

There is no doubt that animals experience emotions exactly like people do.  A herd of donkeys can be seen showing their deep sorrow over the unexpected passing of one of their companions. When they discover their friend is dead, they react with anxiety, pessimism, and sadness that is genuinely heartbreaking.

“Bram”—a cherished member of his herd who passed away from a terrible lung condition—is the deceased donkey. The herd senses an unsettling aura in the air as soon as they see their caregivers repositioning Bram’s corpse on a sheet. They collectively ran to their dying comrade to say their final goodbyes. They letting forth the most horrifying sounds.

The herd’s leader and Bram’s closest companion is the dark-brown donkey seen in this video. As he protectively prods his paws around Bram’s neck and begs him to wake up, the distraught man is in complete denial. Even the emotional caregivers for the grieving herd cry out in tears when they hear the animals’ braying howls of pain.

Donkey Cries Out With Joy When He Sees His Favorite Person - The Dodo
When the distraught donkeys realize that Bram has passed away, they begin to cry even more. Our spirits were completely crushed by their ritual of sadness as they paid their final respects to him. Peace be with you, buddy.

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