Parrots in the Zoo Were Separated Because They Wouldn’t Stop Swearing

These five parrots are verbally attacking one another and setting a poor example for near young children.

Parrots that can talk are first adorable and cute. While swearing can also be fun, birds typically only do so on rare occasions.

What was once amusing and charming transformed into an all-out battle of the bilious birds.

Five parrots separated at British zoo after encouraging each other to curse  profusely at guests - CBS News

It can be a lot of fun to listen to birds mimic human speech, especially for young children who are unaware that trained parrots can also speak. However, when these birds began using foul words in front of the visitors, they suddenly lost their cuteness.

Some people find it amusing to hear swearing from the birds, however, young visitors should absolutely avoid this. So, how did the zoo respond to the ruckus?

The five African gray parrots were taken from view by the wildlife park.

Five foul-mouthed parrots separated at a British wildlife park after  swearing at customers (photos)

The wildlife park finally decided to separate the birds from one another and remove them from the public exhibit after examination and to spare parents from having to undo the effects of the excessive swearing they would hear.

The managers separated the parrots. So they wouldn’t have to see each other and start swearing in a blue streak once more because the birds appear to rile each other up.

Parrots with foul mouths forced to separate by zoo staff - BGR

It wasn’t always this way for the five parrots.

In August 2020, Billy, Eric, Jade, Elsie, and Tyson moved in with the 200 gray parrots at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre. Although there were no complaints from the visitors, the administration nonetheless chose to remove them from view in order to prevent the kids from picking up the inappropriate language.

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