3-Day-old Calf Found Chained With Bail Twine Around His Neck and Suffering

At three days old, the defenseless calf was found tethered to a wall. The poor young calf had a chain and bailing wire around his neck. He was left  absolutely nowhere to go except to stand still and suffer.

The small child was saved, and Road to Refuge said on Facebook, “I’m hoping that this young, frail, anemic, and dehydrated guy is all that. However, as is customary with these touch-and-go rescues, we are ready for the worst. ” After they had known about JD for a few days, his condition quickly deteriorated. He was given medication by the veterinarian because it’s probable that he developed a respiratory infection before becoming septic.

After taking the antibiotics, he developed bloody diarrhea, which required additional meds, more stress, and more praying that JD would survive. JD, named after Jack Daniels whiskey, is racing around, headbutting. He was eager to play with new pals once the quarantine is complete because of the love, commitment, and support of the rescue team.

The calf enjoys cuddling with the teddy bear that one of the rescuers bought for him. The sanctuary’s founder, Megan Pereira, revealed that JD will remain at the farm permanently. We appreciate everyone who helped JD recover and thrive by providing for him.

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