Street Dog Recovers Months After Horrible Mange 

Every animal deserves to live in a caring environment. Unfortunately, not every animal’s life begins in this manner. Scamper was a street stray when he first began his life. But he was also suffering greatly. He had severe skin inflammation. He had a dreadful appearance, but fortunately, several neighbors in the area where he had survived decided to ask for assistance.

Save A Street Dog With Mange. Here's How! - Heads Up For Tails
They got in touch with Animal Aid Unlimited and requested that they save the small puppy. The helpless puppy was taken by the rescuers right away. When they got there, it was obvious that the dog needed assistance immediately. He was so feeble and in such a horrible state with his body that he was curled up on himself.

He managed to gently wag his tail at the people who approached him despite his condition, because he realized they were trying to help him.
When they took Scamper to the vet for treatment, they learned that the skin condition was mange. However, it was a particularly severe form of the condition. Because the illness had progressed so far, emergency medical attention was required.

A drug-laced bath was administered to Scamper. In the coming weeks, he started to feel and look better, which gave him a lovely and upbeat attitude.



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